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How should i learn to play the Guitar?How did you learn to play?

1. Teach myself (If you suggest this how should i?)
2. Get private lessons
3. Go to Guitar Class at the local college, which are $89 for 8 sessions… is that expensive 11.25 a session i think

I’m in a pickle because i want to take this art class at the college and those are the exact same time as the guitar sessions. But if it will save money or you think it would just be easier to learn guitar by myself should i do it that way.

All advice is appreciated

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6 Responses to “How should i learn to play the Guitar?How did you learn to play?”

  1. byrde1994 said :

    I spent a frustrating year
    struggling along, trying to teach myself

    then I got a few lessons
    didn’t take that many, but it really helped

    Then I took off on my own
    and have been having a ball for years

  2. Christopher said :

    I started teaching my self also, but I did take a few lessons which was a great help. Now I’ve been playing the guitar for 33 years I started at 15 years old.

  3. alexisshodgson said :

    I learned to play the flute from private lessons, and I learned pretty fast. I would recommend this because:

    -You know you will learn everything, as opposed to coming across something later and not knowing what to do.
    -You can form a great relationship with your teacher.
    -If you can’t go, you won’t miss anything like if you take the class.
    -If you’re having trouble with something, you can focus on it and more individualized attention
    -It’s more flexible than classes (depending on your teacher’s schedule).

    The cons are:
    -If you have a private lesson teacher you don’t like, it’ll make it so much harder to want to go.
    -It’s pretty expensive.

    If you wanted to teach yourself instead, I would recommend getting a software. You could pick one up at Best Buy or order it off the internet.

  4. Joseph P said :

    Teaching yourself is no good. Eventually, you just teach yourself to play ‘by ear’. In music circles, that means you don’t read music. No band/orchestra director would hire someone who plays ‘by ear’. The class at the local college is a good idea IF, a big IF, they teach music. It might be someone who is just teaching you a technique to play ‘by ear’. And once again, it’s no good and a waste of money. If they are teaching basic music, then the price is really good. After the 8 sessions, you might be ready for private lessons, which are the real way to go. I studied guitar with sheet music in school for one year. Then went of to private lessons for three years. Been playing ever since. That was thirty years ago. Good Luck.

  5. PBandJONAS said :

    that’s so weird i want to learn how to play guitar too! but im waiting till i am a sophomore (next year) because our school has a guitar class so i wont have to spend any money (besides for of course the guitar)

    i think the college is your best bet because it would be cheaper then private lessons. after about 8 lessons i think you should maybe know the basics and be able to teach yourself songs and other stuff

    if u have the guitar now it might also be a good idea to mess around with it and try to teach yourself with tutorials on you tube and maybe you could buy a teach yourself book or rent one from the library or whatever

    good luck!

    oh i just got the thing about the same time as art classes. well is there one session or could you take an 8 week session of art and then after its over take an 8 week session of guitar? you could also check another local community college to see if their classes are at different times then the other one. your last option could be to check the rates of a private teacher and go from there to try and save money or whatever.

    but before you sign up for any classes i think it would be cool if u tried to teach yourself with youtube or books or anything because it would save you money

    okay good luck im done for real now!!!!

    bye 🙂

  6. Code Shred said :

    Use this free website with video guitar lessons. The lessons are very simple to follow.


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