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If you fell madly in love with someone who didn’t smoke; would you give up smoking for them?

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15 Responses to “If you fell madly in love with someone who didn’t smoke; would you give up smoking for them?”

  1. dee7484 said :

    Well, I was in the opposite situation my ex bf was a smoker and I never asked him to quit … nor did I expect him too! Ultimately its their decision alone ….

    .. sorry that doesnt really answer your qn =) but I dont smoke so not an issue …

  2. Butterfly Kisses said :

    yes I would.

    I don’t smoke though and neither does the hubby.

  3. Mom of a lively 2! said :

    I did that! I met my husband 17 years ago when I was 15, I smoked and he told me he wouldn’t date me if I smoked, so I gave it up cold turkey!

  4. The girl is a geek. said :

    My husband never asked me to. But I never smoke inside, even in bars…so it isn’t so bothersome to him in that way. He has let his feelings be known that it worries him, but he doesn’t badger me about it.

    If he asked me to, I absolutely would. A small price in return for all he is to me.

  5. love, lena. said :

    I don’t smoke, but yes, I’d give it up for love :]

  6. dog said :

    Yes i would, i need to stop anyway.

  7. ~InSeArCh~ said :

    first of all i am not going to fall in love ever………..and even if i fell , it wud depend what i love more , the girl or smoking……… and but anyways , what love has to do…..i am going to quit smoking anyways…..

  8. goodjoe! said :

    I don’t smoke…but would give it up for health reasons…I think the odds are better if you have someone with you

  9. GEMEAUX said :


  10. kibble-17 said :

    I dont smoke but if I did:
    It would depend on how they felt about it,
    of they wanted me to stop and if I was that in love would definitely stop,
    If they were fine about it I would carry on but just not in their company as its still not very nice to smoke.

  11. ~*~Dawna Incognito~*~ said :

    No. I just don’t smoke in the house or in the car. We get along very well that way. He eats his cake and cookies and I smoke. I don’t like sweets, he doesn’t like nicotine. It’s a compromise thing.

  12. Traci said :

    My boyfriend gave up smoking for me when we got together. He was a smoker and I’m not and I told him I wouldn’t date him if he smoked so he gave it up and we’ve been together just over 2 1/2 years now so I guess I was worth it!

  13. PregoMom3 said :

    I did, but my husband loved me anyway. He didn’t care that I smoked, and accepted me as I am. He doesn’t even chase me outside when I smoke. He says, smoking is apart of me, and he loves all of me. We’ve been married almost 5 years now. What a guy. : )

  14. Ashley said :

    Well if I did smoke then I would but since I don’t and never will I guess this is not an issue for me besides I have asthma and my current bf is a smoker but is trying to quit not for me or because I want him too but because he wants to. Although he did say I was part of the reason he wanted to quit.

  15. The Saint said :

    if really necessary, I will. But if not, they also should love me enough to understand.


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