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im on zyban to give up smoking and they are working great,?

but i cant seem to break the hand to mouth habit and i seem to be eating more. has anyone got any ideas on how to break this cycle!????????????????????

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3 Responses to “im on zyban to give up smoking and they are working great,?”

  1. lizdylan2003 said:

    gum is great….sugar free candy to have in your mouth…. congrats on quitting, thats great!

  2. goombajoe said:

    try keeping a tooth pick in your mouth ,or they sell fake cigarettes ,you will see the feeling will past ,best of luck

  3. lucy l said:

    you know zyban is basically wellbutrin(anti-depressant) just marketed under a different name..if you have just started treatment with zyban then its a bit normal for you to eat a little more than normally..give it some time and you should notice that you wont be eating so much at all..this same medication (zyban aka wellbutrin) is also used to treat many eating disorders so as a nurse that prescribes this alot just wait it out a bit and it will get better…just try and concentrate and go for a walk or read…if anything get some sugar free/fat free snacks that wont effect your calorie intake so much..but try just getting out of the house or working out to get your mind off of eating..good luck!


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