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In what order should I learn to play guitar?

Should I learn to play chords, then single notes then read tabs and so on. Or is there another order I should learn?

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2 Responses to “In what order should I learn to play guitar?”

  1. Keith K said:

    Start reading tablature, and chords at the same time.
    You want to study the G, C, D, Eminor, and Aminor chords.

    start progressing chords when you can.
    tabs will come easier than chords will.
    chords will take you about a month to be able to change them fluidly.

  2. Ryan said:

    i been playing for almost 6 years now and you know how I learned?

    I read guitar tabs and learned just like that. I didnt watch no educational video, or any other way. I immediately started playing songs.

    Now, I can play most by ear. I advise you to do this and just keep practicing!

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