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Is green tea really good for you?

I tried it, but I don’t care much for the taste. My friend had some and made me some, and put honey in it. I still didn’t care much for the taste, but I really want to better myself, relive stress and eat and drink healthier. Any suggestions on how to prepare green tea? Or know of any just as beneficial with a different taste? (I have no idea how to make tea BTW lol) Thanks so much!
Where can I buy some, and what is the good stuff? (not epencive on a budget!)

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5 Responses to “Is green tea really good for you?”

  1. Dennis G said:

    Yes look what it did for the hulk.

    Dennis G

  2. bzbakr said:

    Green tea is extremely good for you! It is full of antioxidants that reduce some kinds of heart disease, it cleans out your arteries, and is a very effective weight loss supplement. In my experience, its best to just buy bottled green teas..Lipton makes an awesome citrus green tea.(walmart) thats relatively inexpensive and packed full of that green tea goodness!

    Heres to your health!

  3. Effem T said:

    Yes. It is full of antioxidants. Don’t fall for the pricey boutique stuff. Most dollar stores have it for….a dollar.
    Just boil the water and drop in the bag.

  4. lozi_louise said:

    Apparently drinking black tea is just as good as long as you have it without milk. Still packed full of antioxidants and I think it’s so yum – I don’t like the taste of green tea. Also, why not try white tea, I really like it, it’s similar to green tea but I think it’s much nicer.

  5. Jan W said:

    Green tea is good for you, as many studies have proven.
    – The antioxidants in green tea have beneficial effects on the heart and the cardiovascular system, meaning that they reduce the likelyhood of heart disease and cholesterol buildup in the veins.
    – The antioxidants protect the cells against being broken down, and may protect against cancer.
    – The antioxidants strengthen the immune system.
    – The antioxidants may help slow down the aging process.

    There are several more benefits from drinking green tea, but those are the major ones. To get the most out of the green tea, you should drink at least three to four cups a day.

    If you don’t care for the taste of green tea, one possibility is to try white tea. It is even healthier than green tea, with three times the antioxidant content. It also has a much milder, more elegant taste, without the grassy taste of green tea. I drink no other teas than whites these days.

    You can buy both green and white teas online, and has a very good selection.


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