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Should I eat a grilled cheese sandwich after i ate these foods?

For breakfast I drank a strawberry banana smoothie
For lunch I had an apple
For dinner before 6 pm I had egg whites with brown rice.

Its 10pm now and Im hungry again! is it bad to eat at least one sandwich right now?

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16 Responses to “Should I eat a grilled cheese sandwich after i ate these foods?”

  1. GioDaWiiFanBoy said:

    I don’t see any harm.

  2. High Voltage said:

    YES, eat the sandwich…

    Heck, theres no need to be hungry, make a couple of sandwiches…

  3. . said:

    Yes, you need to eat more 🙂

  4. Edward said:

    You have barely eaten!
    You have practically missed a meal.

  5. lakegal said:

    No if you are hungry, eat something. Cheese may not be the best to eat. Do you have cottage cheese? Some people find it harder to sleep well after eating cheese. But then some people find it great to have a warm drink of milk before going to bed.

  6. Rema AhmedS said:

    Grilld chess sandwich !! N0 n0..dont eat …send that 2 hungry..i jst love chess..yumm..l0l

  7. Cookie said:

    Heck yeah, that’s hardly any calories at all. Not enough calories slows your metabolism down and slows down weight loss. Why don’t you make a nice big salad to go with it- you didn’t have any veggies today at all.

  8. skinimalinki said:

    Yes. Have at least one sandwich!

    And have some proper food tomorrow. You haven’t eaten enough today!

  9. Be Nice said:

    Eat something else light like celery or carrots that way you’ll still be with in diet and it will kill the hungriness that you’re having right now. Tomorrow make sure you eat enough for breakfast to avoid late night eating.

  10. <3 HCM <3 said:

    You shouldn’t eat so little :S

    breakfast: wheatabix with strawberrys and banana on top
    snack: apple
    lunch: grilled cheese sandwich
    snack: salad
    dinner: big meal…

    Yeah u can eat that now but its not a healthy diet even if there is fruit in there

  11. Maria Evripidou said:

    go ahead
    btw one apple for lunch is not enough

  12. Wellover40 said:

    Why not, all you,ll gain are calories.

  13. Nirmal Thapa said:

    yes you can eat a grilled cheese after you ate these food because it will not harm

  14. Unknown species. said:

    you’ve had a good day… maybe a little to little food. i mean.. lunch, an apple? most people would ahev a little more. but you’ve eaten very healthly.!!

    so yes… defninitely a cheese sandwich… maybe a hot chocolate to go with it aswell? haha… am i pushing it? 🙂

    i think cheese toasties with paprika is sooo good, and then a hot chocolate with milk adn ice cream – hehe… nice night snack!

  15. Karamazov said:

    If you wish to
    go right ahead.


  16. La Vie Boheme said:

    You are hungry because you hardly ate anything. You need to eat more food!


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