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What are the best reheated foods via microwave after oven?

I just reheated up Turkey, stuffing and green beans and potatoes and it tastes just as good as it did yesterday and I used the microwave. Early it was all oven/ stove cooked.

I can’t say it’s the same for a lot of other foods.

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5 Responses to “What are the best reheated foods via microwave after oven?”

  1. Jihad Joe said:


  2. Sean said:


  3. Mandi said:

    Lasagna tastes just as delicious heated up, as it did the night before. Also, pizza. I think it’s yum heated up.

    What’s weird, I only like macaroni and cheese heated up. I find it disgusting and gooey recently made, but leftover from two nights before, I love it!

  4. Nisha said:

    i would have to agree with the meal you’ve eaten. I have it every Thanksgiving and it tastes just as good microwaved the next day as it did the day before! its crazy.
    but i can also say the same about mac and cheese, ham, lasagna, and hamburger helper.

  5. heythere06512 said:

    Spaghetti is always good reheated in the microwave but i love spagetti when its cold right out of the fridge. Otherwise I find that little caesars 5 dollar pizza is the best the next day! :))


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