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what are good intermediate songs to learn to play guitar with?

hey im an intermediate (or so i think i am) and i wanna find some songs that I can play to improve
Im not looking for any genre in particular but I prefer to listen to rock (from the 60s and 70s, you know Zeppelin, Clapton, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen etc)
I can play Babe im gonna leave you, Blackbird, intro to Black Dog, no woman no cry, crossroads (partly) purple haze.
Any suggestions are appreciated

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One Response to “what are good intermediate songs to learn to play guitar with?”

  1. Appie said :

    If you can play Blackbird properly with the finger picking then I’d say you’re way above intermediate! I’ve been trying for ages and I’m nowhere near that level! What I do when I want new songs is go to youtube and search “how to play…on guitar” with one of my favourite bands in the middle (e.g “how to play paolo nutini on guitar”) and see what comes up. You get some good stuff sometimes!
    Sorry I didn’t really give any specific help, hope this helps a bit though…


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