what do i need to learn to play guitar songs?

I took a class in seventh and eighth grade on guitar, and we never did any chords. I am wondering what I need to learn and do to be able to play popular songs. I would love to get some links to go to. Thanks

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  1. Steven Smidley said:

    All you need is patience, persistence, and a guitar. Here are some links for you:

    How to Read Guitar Tabs Video:

    After you learn how to read tabs you could be playing a simplified version of Fur Elise by Beethoven:

    And if you have the patience to memorize a lot of notes here is the Super Mario Bros game Tabs:

    It’s going to take many hours of practice to be good at guitar but it’s so much fun it’s worth it. Be patient with yourself.

  2. Alex said:


    also, this link here> http://www.guitar-theory-in-depth.com/guitar-toolbar.html
    with the toolbar you have handy search functions to guitar tab for songs, lyrics, and other stuff.

  3. Michael England said:

    Definitely start with chords. Then go from there with learning songs and advancing on to other things. Here are a couple of things you can check out. My you tube site which has some videos on learning chords and stuff like that. http://www.youtube.com/audiosway

    Also, if you really want to learn guitar you should check out my instruction site. http://www.audiosway.com
    I teach through videos and answer questions and all of that on the site. It’s only $19.95 per month.

    Michael England


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