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what are the potential physical, social and emotional effects that will be acheived if i give up smoking?


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One Response to “what are the potential physical, social and emotional effects that will be acheived if i give up smoking?”

  1. baban said:

    So you have considered the facts and are contemplating giving up smoking? Very wise.

    The physical effects are easy. Depending on how long and how much you have been smoking it is a fact that your body will slowly begin to heal itself. That is the cool thing about our human bodies. They LOVE to be healthy. If you make an effort to do this for yourself, your body will thank you. Fewer colds, sinus problems, lung problems like pneumonia and bronchitis, better vocal chords, healthier heart and kidneys and even bladder, liver, etc,etc, Smoking negatively effects so many parts of the body.

    Social effects? Well, if most of your friends and relatives are smokers, that will be an issue you wil have to reconcile for yourself. You may have to terminate some of those relationships or avoid them in social situations by explaining what you are doing and ask for their support. Who knows, you might even inspire some of them to stop or at least cut back. Keep in mind there may be a few who will be resentful or even angry. (This is from their own guilt so don’t give that too much credence.)

    Emotional? Well, I’m thinking you might mean psychological because an addiction to nicotine can cause some interesting and even difficult withdrawal symptoms. This depends, once again on how long and how much you have been smoking. Some of the symptoms can be irritability, insomnia, diareaha, agitation, restlessnes, a small amont of weight gain initially and of course cravings for a smoke. You may even experience depression.

    There are many different ways to stop smoking. You may have to explore which one works best for you or ask your doctor.

    The most possitive aspect is that you will eventually begin to feel in control of yourself, feel much, much better physically and mentally, add years to your life expectantcy and smell so much sweeter. The first time you run up a flight of stairs and are not out of breath or the first time you look in the mirror and smile and you no longer have that yellow tooth look, or notice that that pesky cough is gone and you are no longer burning your money, but have a little extra to buy something nice, you will know it is worth while.

    Hope you give it a try….Good Luck!!!


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