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What dishes can I use almonds with ?

Mixed with desserts and main dishes, almonds provide nutrition and extra crunch. Since almonds are filled with protein and vitamin E, you can never have enough almonds. Dishes with almonds are common in Turkish, Indian and American cuisines.

Almonds usually complement main dishes. For instance, stuffed pork chops can include herbs, breadcrumbs, almonds and other ingredients, while fish fillet or chicken breasts can use seasoning, breadcrumbs and ground almonds for breading or coating. Vegetarians usually use almonds for the body’s protein needs by chopping up almonds and mixing it with salad or tuna casseroles.

Many chicken dishes include almonds; the Indian chicken with almonds dish uses slivered and ground almonds, while chicken almondine is made up of chicken breasts and sliced almonds.
In all American dishes with almonds, a green bean casserole is probably the most made dish because the fried onion rings, green beans and sauce mix perfectly with the almonds. In the Turkish cuisine, almonds and hazelnuts are used often for both main dishes and desserts, such as the almond pudding.

Desserts work well with almonds. Most types of Italian biscotti use almond flavoring and real almonds into the batter. Some even dip the baked biscotti into chocolate and then sprinkled with slivered almonds. Cakes, bars and cookies can also use almonds in spicing up the dessert.

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