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What holiday drink would be the best for an older crowd?

My husband and I are having family over for thanksgiving, and I wanted to spice things up with a sophisticated drink and hopefully get them to loosen up. What would be the best drink to serve? Thank you for your advise.

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5 Responses to “What holiday drink would be the best for an older crowd?”

  1. Weatherman said :

    Mulled wine or cider

    For wine add orange zest, cloves, nutmeg, a cinnamon stick & a small amount of sugar to red wine and heat gently – do not boil

    To cider use a flat, traditional cider, add an apple studded with cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon stick, maybe some star anise – again heat but do not boil.

    For both of the above you can experiment with the spices, or cheat and buy a mulling syrup.

  2. Vanilla Mini said :

    wine, or holiday martinis!

  3. Drew said :

    I would go with a red wine before and during dinner and manhattan for a good after dinner cocktail.

  4. mom ROCKS! said :

    cider punch may sound strong but its not
    17fl oz sparking cider(dry)
    5fl oz cognac or brandy
    5 fl oz Cointreau
    apple slices to decorate
    10fl oz soda water
    mix first 3 ingredients, chill pour int punch bowl or pitcher with ice and apple slices, add soda or ginger ale

  5. BEER said :

    Toddy (S)
    Warmed Spiced Cider with rum
    Warmed spiced wine (Wassail)


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