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What is the best brand of cherry syrup to buy for flavoring tea or soda?

I absolutely love cherry Pepsi and tea at restaurants where they add the syrup separately! I want to duplicate it at home.

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2 Responses to “What is the best brand of cherry syrup to buy for flavoring tea or soda?”

  1. Lady Luck said:

    You can get Grenadine, which is pretty good and typical in chain restaurants, but I like Torani, which is the stuff they have at the coffee shops. They have sugar free flavors too that are off the chain. I love the sugar free black cherry. tastes more like the cherry medicine than marachino, but their regular cherry is the marachino flavor. Torani all the way! Its more concentrated too I believe so it will last longer.

    Its fun to see what other flavors they have. They have chocolate cherry, (good in pepsi!) Also vanilla, etc.

  2. jedimonkey said:

    Philibert Routin Cherry Flavouring is the daddy of flavourings.
    Made with water from the French Alps and using natural ingredients with no added crap……. sold in 2 sizes – 1Litre and 250ml…. but the 1Litre is better value for money.
    heres a link if your in the UK:


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