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What kind of food to serve at a Super Bowl party for the Saints? Any special New Orleans cuisine for party?

Also, provide suggestions for food of Indiana. Looking to have the food themed after Indianapolis and New Orleans type of food.

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7 Responses to “What kind of food to serve at a Super Bowl party for the Saints? Any special New Orleans cuisine for party?”

  1. aks c said :

    try subs

  2. kfaulk211 said :

    New Orleans has a fantastic culinary tradition of wonderful food – jambalaya and gumbo, crawdads, shrimp, rice, and spicy cajun dishes. Rice and beans, andouille sausage, hot sauce. There’s also the delicious muffaletta sandwich made with ham, salami and olive salad – plus remoulades and etouffe. After all, New Orleans food is based on French. I would make a jambalaya or gumbo, plus some shrimp, sausage and/or muffaletta subs.

    Indianapolis food, typical to most food in the midwest US, is basically bland interpretation of food from British, Irish and German immigrants that settled there. The two most distinctly Indianapolis foods are pork tenderloin sandwiches and strawberry shortcakes.

    If I were you, I’d just ditch Indianapolis food altogether and focus on New Orleans. Go Saints!

  3. Kimberlee said :

    Here are a few websites that might help you

    As far as Indianapolis Cuisine – they are pretty much just american foods – they really aren’t known for a certain kind of food, like New Orleans. Great idea for your party – but the Colts can represent the american foods you like the best!
    Have fun! Remember to buy some air horns for when your team!

  4. Levi said :

    Try the recipes at this site.

    They are cheap to make and you can easily make a lot of them for parties.

  5. NOLA guy said :

    For New Orleans you have a lot of options, and the answer from Kimberlee is great.

    if you have time to get the ingredients try the recipes on:

    For a dessert, try:

    A search for “Indianapolis cuisine” yielded only listings for a few restaurants in the city, so stick with fried chicken.

    Bon appetit!

  6. John M said : can create saints cookies for you all. We hired them to put our logo on the cookies for a company picnic over the summer. The cookies tasted good too.

  7. Archer said :

    New Orleans = muffaletta. You can make a sandwich, quesadilla or mini-pizza just be sure to use genoa ham and mortadello and provolone cheese with a good olive salad to make it authentic New Orleans-style.

    Indianapolis = beirock. Beirock’s are a German pastry stuffed with meat (usually a beef & pork mixture) cabbage, onions, dijon mustard and a soft cheese like muenster. You could fill a tart shell with the beirock mixture or make little phyllo dough pouches or triangles and bake them.


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