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What major stores carry different shaped cake pans?

I am wanting to make my son a guitar cake and online there is a guitar cake pan but it is too late to order it online because his birthday is friday. Do you know of any store that have any themed shaped baking cake pans? I live in the dallas, Texas area.

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11 Responses to “What major stores carry different shaped cake pans?”

  1. Dendrite said :

    Wal-Mart for sure. Maybe Target.

  2. mary k said :

    try a craft store go on line to betty crocker.

  3. Kat said :

    usually most of the craft stores like michaels, and rag shop carry those pans.

  4. boozer said :

    Try Michaels, or a Jo-ann Fabrics.

  5. blahblahblahblahblah said :

    check your local library, at mine you can check them out like books. If you have a Pat Catans or a Michaels craft store down there you can also check those

  6. Mady's Mom said :

    I don’t know if you have them in Texas but you should try a Michaels store if they are in your area or try contacting a Wilton dealer in Dallas.

  7. Streaker said :

    Hobby Lobby or Michaels should work

  8. originalkippyj said :

    Try Williams-Sonoma, or Wilton. If you have no luck, I copied this from the website listed below.

    If you’re handy with a knife, you really don’t even need to have a lot of specialty cake pans. This past year my son, who was turning 6, wanted a guitar cake for his birthday. I think I would cut out a paper guitar first, though, and trace around it.

    He’s going through that ‘I want to be a rock star’ kind of stage. So, how on earth do you make a guitar shaped child birthday cake without a specialty cake pan? Actually, as it turned out, it’s really not that hard to do.

    All you have to do is bake a regular 9×13 cake. After its cool, you turn it out on a cake board and then, very carefully, cut out the shape of a guitar. You can use the extra cake pieces to form the ‘neck’ of the guitar.

    Use some fun birthday cake decorations, like licorice and other kinds of candies and you’ve got a guitar shaped child birthday cake that any future rock star would be proud to have on their special day.

  9. slys114 said :

    Michael’s craft store. Or try Wilton’s web site…they’re the best supplier of cakepans and supplies.

  10. nigerian princess said :

    I’m sure many people will say Wal-Mart but I doubt they will have something as specific as a guitar shaped cake pan. I’m not sure if you have a Party City in Texas but they specialize in themed party accessories. You could also try any crafts and arts stores such as Michael’s. You may also want to look into a bakery that could possibly make the cake for you. I hope this helps! Oh I checked on the Party City website for you and it doesn’t tell you what shaped bake wear they have because it varies by stores but I would definitely check them out.

  11. Melissa T said :

    Definitely Hobby Lobby or JoAnne’s. If you go to Hobby Lobby’s website. Click on weekly specials/coupon. There is usually a coupon for 40% off one regular priced item. Wilton stuff (the pans you are looking for) are usually not on sale so you can use the coupon.

    Go to Hobby Lobby and buy your pan for 40% off since you’ll probably only use it once – why pay full price?

    Good Luck!!


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