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What should a vegetarian order at a Chinese restaurant?

I’m a vegetarian and I’m going to a Chinese restaurant tonight with some friends. It seems like most Chinese dishes have some sort of meat in them. Can any other vegetarians recommend something to eat at a Chinese restaurant?

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29 Responses to “What should a vegetarian order at a Chinese restaurant?”

  1. whatttup said:

    rice & a pina colada

  2. judahsma said:

    Most chinese restaurants have a vegetarian section on their menu.

  3. Jay K said:

    The sizzling broccoli with cashews. Unfortunately it will be fried in oil that previously fried meat. Like cat and such.

  4. anonymous said:

    fried rice

    theres always steamed vegetables and things like that

  5. Ooh la la said:

    spring rolls are a nice starter, then get whatever vegetarian noodles or rice they have on their menu that appeals to you most

  6. Kristi Thomas said:

    Low Mein

  7. Sue S said:

    I don’t eat a lot of meat so when I go to a chinese restaurant I just order whatever I want – meatless! I like spicy sauces so I just ask for a large variety of vegetables in a nice and spicy sauce (such as Kung Pao). Works every time!

  8. peaches6 said:

    mixed chinese vegetables
    sauteed broccoli and snow peas
    bean curd szechuan style
    broccoli with hot garlic sauce

  9. ksd said:

    choe mein
    steamed vegatables
    vegetable egg rolls

    Im sure there are much more things, you just have to ask about vegetarian options.

  10. Cici E said:

    veggie fried rice

  11. Dylan said:

    White Rice lol

  12. K said:

    It has been my experience that most Chinese restaurants will substitute tofu for the meat if you ask them to. I’d call ahead of time to find out what their policy is on that.

  13. kstoker1 said:

    I usually have a vegetable egg roll; steamed veggies and steamed rice. They usually bring carrots, broccoli, snow peas, bean sprouts, and zucchini or yellow squash.

    Ask for vegetarian options – they do have some with flavorful sauces.

  14. PJ 88 Fan said:

    Chinese Vegetables has no meat and the veggies are awesome. Lo Mein comes without meat, fried rice, Chow Mein & egg rolls. Enjoy!!

  15. White Sox (Doug Davis) said:

    I only eat white rice and veggie fried rice when I go. It’s take out. My mom brings in a gluten-free soy sauce for the fried rice so I can eat it. And there are usually vegetarian options on the menu.

  16. Got Peach? said:

    More often than not, Chinese menus have a vegetarian or vegetables fear not!!

    I would opt for a vegetable dish (something like mushrooms and bamboo shoots, celery and cashews, mixed vegetables, aubergine in black bean sauce), some fried rice or plain noodles and maybe some deep fried seaweed or spring rolls.

    If you see something you fancy that has meat included on the dish, then ask the waiter/waitress if they can exclude that item from the shouldn’t be a problem.

    Have a lovely meal!!

  17. brandie b said:

    Broccoli in garlic sauce
    Vegetable low mein
    Vegetable fried rice

    many restaurants will have a vegetarian menu. The vegetable dishes are usually great. Good luck!

  18. ru said:

    water, chopsuey, veg mnchurin….

  19. beanerschnitzel said:

    Sadly, there aren’t a lot of vegetarian Chinese dishes, but there are soups that are. One of the top of my head is the sizzling rice soup with tomato broth, you can’t go wrong there.

  20. David H said:

    For me I like spicy, so I get a bowl of hot and sour soup, and an order of Vegetable Chow Mein or Chop suey and a n order of Ma Po Tofu, an spicy tofu dish with peasm tofu, and a spicy sauce, and a steamed rice to sop up the juices.

  21. Cassie T said:

    im a vegetarian and i usually get
    fried vegetable dumplings
    veggie fried rice
    and a spring roll

  22. Molly M said:

    steamed veggies

  23. hong said:

    rice and vegtable with cashews yum

  24. LaceySue said:

    Most chinese places have a veggie menu. If they don’t, just ask the server what their options are. I have had to do that many times. Most of the time they have a tofu dish on their menus, but if not, they are usually willing to make something for you, or change a sauce on a dish to suit your diet.

  25. kanishk said:

    starve for food ……………………….

  26. PRINCESS said:

    they have mango salad with strawberries which is SO yummy!!

  27. *mermaid* said:

    You should eat some noodles and plus Chinese restaurants have vegetarian meals

  28. Gar-Bear said:

    I would go sushi its healthy, vegatarion, and yummy.

  29. offeradifferentangle said:

    hot and sour soup
    cold sesame noodles
    any of the vegetable offerings listing in the vegetable section
    most of the dishes in the healthy section will be vegetarian
    many of the dim sum dumplings are vegetarian
    tofu anything is yummy


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