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What kind of Green Tea do they serve at a Chinese Restaurant?

I know this may sound like a stupid question, but the thing is, the green tea that I buy at the store tastes nothing like the kind at the Chinese restaurants that I go to. It’s not as bitter as the kind I buy. Is it a different brand, brewing technique, etc.? How can I find some at the store?

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8 Responses to “What kind of Green Tea do they serve at a Chinese Restaurant?”

  1. mikesheppard said :


  2. poleng said :

    oolong tea, green tea ,jasmine tea

  3. Fergus said :

    They serve tea. Oh, and it’s green.

  4. ABC said :


  5. eilishaa said :

    It is usually Jasmine Tea.

  6. hummersathome said :

    Ask the restaurant what kind they use. That is about the easiest way to find out.

  7. frostysw33ti said :

    the brand shouldnt make a total difference in taste. maybe one of them is artificial. i use to drink green tea boba at this one cafe, but it was all artificial. then i switched onto this place where they use real tea and fruits. the real ones taste so much better. but maybe you are liking the chinese restaurants more.

  8. Elphaba said :

    the green kind


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