What websites can i go to for some healthy recipes?

Im trying to be very healthy because i need to loose some weight for a cruise that i am going on, i need some healthy but yummy recipes i can make that are simple and fast does anyone have any websites I can go to? thank you! 🙂

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4 Responses to “What websites can i go to for some healthy recipes?”

  1. Sue said:

    My favorite is http://www.cookinglight.com/
    Tasty, healthy. They have everything from fast & easy to fancy.

  2. Benjamins F150 said:

    the food networks webstie offers ideas for healthy eatting as well as rachel rays site. But being a culinary student I can tell you that quick and easy isnt always the best method eatting a balanced diet and exercise are the key. If you accumulate less calories than you burn off then your doing yourself justice but at the same time staying on a healthy diet is the best method, things like water, one hundred percent juices, fresh vegetables, chicken, fresh fruit, cheeses, nothing with preservatives or garbage in it is good. feel free to email me if you ahve questions.

  3. bigralso said:
  4. bobnjeep said:


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