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What’s the easiest song(s) from Metallica to learn on guitar?

I’ve been learning guitar for over a year now. Learning new stuff isn’t that easy for me but I can obviously learn new songs given some time. I just want something easy to learn from Metallica (not Nothing Else Matters, already know that one)

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13 Responses to “What’s the easiest song(s) from Metallica to learn on guitar?”

  1. concerned citizen said :

    For whom the bell tolls is a cakewalk….

    also look up Enter Sandman, i found it easy but that could just be me. (cept the solo obviously)

  2. ATRfan92 said :

    def. Enter Sandman without a doubt

  3. JaackMaate said :

    Nothing Else Matters.
    That’s well easy.

  4. demonash said :

    one is pretty easy except for the solo

  5. Adam D said :

    For some reason I found that Orion was the easiest song to learn.

  6. topher said :

    For whom the bell tolls
    Sad But True

  7. ihave6characterstoworkwith said :

    ride the lightning is easy cept for the solo
    and justice for all

  8. Radda Radda radda said :

    fade to black, welcome home (sanitarium), sad but true, for whom the bell tolls, most of the stuff from load and reload… the day that never comes is easy just not the solo lol um… master of puppets isnt too hard once you get the hang of it…thats all i can think of for now

  9. Tom.Kaulitz! <3 said :

    to me Nothing Else Matters
    thats what i started with when i played guitar

  10. guitar man said :

    Enter Sandman is good for learning transitons from soft to hard to intence distortion. its fun and super frickin sweet

  11. Richie said :

    here’s a song that you should try for sure
    Master of Puppets
    its kinda long and sorta fast but to me it was easy to play
    the solo’s are kinda hard but not by much

  12. Alan said :

    Most of the guitar songs (not only Metallica ones) may be easy excpet for the solos.

  13. Coffeeshop8 said :

    i think that the easiest song to play on guitar is Mama Said!!! without a doubt!!


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