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Why do people post recipes on here they find online?

I’m tired of asking for recipes and getting something from another site. If I ask for a good Spicy Honey-BBQ sauce, or a orange braised chicken recipe I’ll look online first, and then come here if I can’t find what I want, or want a more personal recipe.

Is there anyone on here that has their own recipes?

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6 Responses to “Why do people post recipes on here they find online?”

  1. lala land said :

    i have a recipe.. but im gonna have to do a yahoo search first.

  2. Swirly said :

    What do ya need? I have some recipes on my 360 page…..come visit!

  3. preast said :

    A lot of us do,but older women have the best!!!!!!!!

  4. mariah k said :

    i dont know why people do that.
    maybe they are trying to help. i dont think they would be doing it on purpose, maybe they have hit a good site with food recipes and ideas that you havent visited before. But i dont have any to be honest. I am a terrible cook. If anyone should be asking fore recipes, it should be me.

  5. procrastinate_now said :

    Ungrateful, much?

  6. Mariah said :

    I have plenty of recipes, however as they’re mine and my families (for generations, mind you) I have never and will never share them with a bunch of strangers. Heck my friends can’t even get some of the recipes I have. So now you know.

    Besides, shouldn’t you appreciate the fact that ppl are trying to help? Regardless of where the recipe comes from?


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