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Any good, easy and fun suggestions for my daughters school lunches?

I am looking for good suggestions for my daughters school lunches. Preferably nothing that has to be kept in the fridge. Any answers appreciated!

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13 Responses to “Any good, easy and fun suggestions for my daughters school lunches?”

  1. TONY said:


    Meals ready to eat…yummy

  2. pinkyismygirlfriendniluvhur said:

    pizza, sanwiches, some treats, chips, fruit, cookies

  3. lala 16 said:

    a sandwhich. make it, then take like a star or heart cookie cutter and press it into the sandwhich to make fun shapes to eat. juice boxes, cookies, chips. or some fruit.

  4. Makayla D said:

    Cut sandwiches in to different shapes.

  5. stephanie w said:

    They have cut up apples now in packages, gummy snacks, yogurt. My kids go to school where it is not kept in fridge. These are a few items I put in their lunch. Or buy thermal type lunch kits to keep things cold/hot.

  6. SHAQUANDRA M said:

    one day she can have sandwich then she can have other things

  7. Cessy said:

    crackers with jelly is one of my daughters favorite!

  8. Busybake said:

    My kids really loved it if I put a note in it. Just saying have a nice day or I think you’re awesome!

  9. dance said:

    cut the sandwiches with cookie cutters so they r kool shapes, i always envied the kids with that. put a hotdog in a thermus to keep it warm…..put plastic tiaras from the dollar store in their lunchbags on the first day to make them feel special.

  10. Shane said:


  11. half baked said:

    can she cook it warm food is the best if so try lean cuisine pizza and stoffers mac and chesse

  12. Sonnie S said:

    I was doing some research on this subject earlier today through Y/A and these are some sites that people recommended that seemed promising.

  13. Maroon*Four said:

    I used to love when my mom would leave little notes for me or cut my sandwiches into shapes, though I would never admit it then.

    Apples and peanut butter is usually a winner. Pretzels were a favorite of mine and better for you then chips. Also nothing beat when my mom would stick in a couple homemade cookies.


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