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what is a good meal thatt is easy for a teenager that is on a diet to make?

i am on a diet annd so i wanted to know something easy and healthyy and good to make. any ideas?

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6 Responses to “what is a good meal thatt is easy for a teenager that is on a diet to make?”

  1. Dean said:

    make plain pasta, it has like no fat.
    dont put anything on it you fat ass.

  2. Mary said:

    There’s a great salad I love!

    The salad part is pretty simple; just romaine lettuce and anything else you’d like to add.
    The dressing (best part); It’s basically fresh lemon juice (cut a lemon in half, and jab a spoon in it and spin it to get all the juice out, repeat with other half) Then add garlic, (however much you want depending on how garlicy you like it) Finally, add vegetable oil.

    Tada! It’s delicious and super healthy.

  3. Amanda Golick said:

    salad. with some grilled chicken breast. and some vegetables. make sure you make a medium towards small bowl for it. you can put whole grains instead of bread or eat it with whole bread. put olive oil, and a small amount of salt. and lemon juice instead of vinegar.

  4. Miz Lamb said:

    Forget the Pasta Salads as they are antithetical to DIET.

    DIET is a very dirty 4-letter word and should have the person uttering it having a bar of Ivory crammed down their face! It is just as bad as ****, ****, and several other curse words.

    You need a lifestyle change of food habits! and make it so for the rest of your life! Not a temporary state of denying yourself of some food groups.

    hardboiled eggs
    diced or julienned meats
    spinach leaves
    cherry tomatoes
    celery sliverrs
    cucumber bits
    grated or cubed cheese
    red and sweet onion slivers
    red cabbage shreds
    bell pepper slivers
    nuts of your choice
    sunflower seeds, pinons, etc

    and a fantastic dresssing like Raspberrry/Pecan by Kraft.

    You can use any or all of the above, but make sure you don’t use one of those “diet” dressings as they have too much salt and other nasty stuff in them and just flat don’t taste good. Use a really good dressing “on the side” not poured over the salad! It is amazing how much less dressing is used that way.

    My plan includes all nutrients except grain products. There is enough fiber in the fruits and veggies to make up for any croutons, crackers, chips etc.

    Every day twice a day and never the same combination of ingredients. Some times I use apple wedges in it too.

  5. violentjayne j said:

    you can eat more than salad ! low fat pizza is really easy get a crust mix or pre made they are usually pretty low in fat .. then top it with a lil sauce or fat free salad dressing tons of veggies and top with feta cheese its naturally low fat and a very little goes a long way ! also pork chop sandwiches so good and low fat just pan fry them with cooking spray instead of oil …. I make almost every meal low fat low cal . and I still have the same foods that everyone else does I just modify the ingredients and cooking method .. my bf loves the food and rarely ever notices or misses the ,

  6. Girl of life said:

    Ooohhh! I love trying to make easy, healthy and cheap foods so here are some of my favorite recipes/ideas:

    1. Spinach and almonds in olive oil
    get a block of frozen spinach (usually about 99 cents) and microwave as directed on package. While spinach is cooking, put about 12 almonds in a plastic bag and close it, then crush them with a meat pounder (or just by slivered almonds). When spinach is finished, get a pan out and pour a few tablespoons of olive oil on, then add spinach and crushed/slivered almonds. Stir and cook for a few minutes, put into a bowl, and enjoy!

    2. Cous cous and vegetables
    This one is really easy also. Just make a serving of cous cous as directed on box (if you don’t know what cous cous is, it is sort of like little balls of rice but made of semolina powder. it is low in cholesterol and tastes really good). Cut up your favorite veggies (whatever amount you like, i usually make with carrots, zuchinni, squash, and broccoli) and cook them in a big pan with olive oil. then add some seasonings of your choice (like ginger, soy sauce, parmasean cheese (if you do add cheese, do it after you’ve finished cooking everything, not right now)). After veggies are pretty much cooked all the way, add cous cous to pan and cook for a few more minutes until veggies are fully cooked. If you want to add some protein, try putting cubes of chicken, turkey, or tofu in the pan before the veggies. cook whichever of those three until they are cooked, then take out of pan and set aside. add in with cous cous at the end.

    you pretty much want to stay away from packaged food ( except canned veggies/fruit, frozen veggies/fruit) and stick to eating mainly veggies, fruit, whole wheats (for rice, bread, pasta, etc.), and lean proteins (turkey, chicken, or tofu). only eat a few desserts a week (you can’t deprive yourself completely) and salmon is also good to eat and peanut butter(in moderation for pb) also, don’t forget to exercise, this will help a lot too! im trying to eat healthier and lose a few pounds too. we can do this!


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