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Christmas makes me deeply depressed! How to cope with these feelings?

All these talks about christmas cooking, christmas presents , stupid Santa and many other things which remind me about Christmas – make me deeply disturbed + stressed. I don’t know how to survive after these long Winter Holidays… Any explanations why i am feeling so sinister? How to cope with these feelings? I Really need your opinion!

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6 Responses to “Christmas makes me deeply depressed! How to cope with these feelings?”

  1. V for Victory! said :

    I feel the same thing. People who hate things usually have associated what they hate with something bad that happened. Did something bad happen in your childhood around christmas? As for the reason why I hate christmas is due to the fact that everyone overreacts on decorating and the general mood and all the stupid Santa Claus movies and stuff.

    *you should really create a holiday of your own that shows up christmas. Call it the antimas!

    Or you can take a flight out of the country you live in and spend time in like the bahamas or something and ignore Christmas altogether. Either take a trip out of town, or take a flight.

    *You could also do what I do and simply make parodies of all the stupid Santa Claus stories you hear. I generally turn Santa into a fat pig that goes crazy and eats all the presents. It is funny. When something makes you mad you should laugh at it until it becomes a lowly monster that annoys you due to low self-esteem.

  2. Freddy said :

    I get really depressed when I hear the stupid Christmas music on the radio, or those claymation specials on tv.

    To get rid of that feeling I usually listen to scremo or heavy metal.

    I would suggest getting together with some friends for Christmas. That will at least give you something to look forward to, and not be so miserable.

  3. capitalgentleman said :

    You are not alone! There are so many people like you that many churches have begun to have what they call a “Blue Christmas.”

    Christmas can be a really stressful time of year, and when you combine this with low light levels (leading to SAD, or Seasonal Adjustment Disorder), you have a double whammy.

    Check out:,612,636
    or other places regarding the Blue Christmas.

    And, be happy(?) that you are not at all alone.

  4. Raffi said :

    You know what your problem(s) is/are so don’t waste time with others and go deep inside your problems and come out with a solution on your own. If you actually need help from others then rethink about your subject and rewrite the entire topic in simple & clear form. Don’t act foolish because you know very well what I’m telling you. I myself were in the same situation in the past not about Christmas but a very similar case.

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