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What kinds of different foods should i serve at adult christmas party?

I’m throwing a Christmas party for my husband’s co-workers? And i’m not really sure what kind of different foods i can make for this party?

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3 Responses to “What kinds of different foods should i serve at adult christmas party?”

  1. Cathi said :

    Shrimp cocktail is always good.
    Also, meatballs. You can buy frozen ones dress them up with some marinara, bbq sauce or equal amounts of chili sauce and grape jelly.
    Little smokes sausages. You can find a lot of dipping sauces like bbq sauce or put them in a crockpot with a box of brown sugar and let them cook really low for a couple of hours.
    There’s always meat and cheese platters you could serve with the tiny loaves of sliced bread you find in the deli.
    Veggie tray
    Fruit tray
    clam dip or spread
    crab dip or spread

  2. JOSEPH A said :

    finger foods
    hot wings
    mini egg rolls
    mini corn dogs
    party sausages little smokies in bbq sauce
    a meat and cheese plate
    veggie plate and blue cheese dressing for dip
    cracker tray and chips
    fruit punch mixed with frozen orange juice and sprite in punch bowl
    disposable table cloths
    paper plates
    disposable cups
    tooth picks
    disposable utensils

  3. Nat said :

    Beef Fajitas
    Mexican Casserole
    Spanish Rice
    Queso Dip
    Veggie Tray


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