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Could you recommend a good dog obedience book?

We just adopted a 2 year old lab mix from the shelter, he is OK in almost everything else except walking on a leash. I need a book that someone has used before and had successful results with.

…Oh and any dog walking training techniques would be helpful too.

Thank you so much.

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4 Responses to “Could you recommend a good dog obedience book?”

  1. Hello Clitty said :

    There is a very, very old woman over in the U.K. who used to write so many books about dog obedience, and she wrote one called No Bad Dog’s, by Barbara Woodhouse. I think she may have written some others, just go to google search and type in that name.

  2. amy said :

    the book ‘dog training for dummies’ ( sorry about the name, but that’s what it is called!! ) is really good .. you can even get them for certain breeds of dogs .. i got one for pugs .. it also has health tips ! hope this helps !!

  3. marci knows best said :

    I would STRONGLY suggest a beginning obedience class. The shelter may offer one. It is great for learning to communicate with the dog, and for bonding.

    For books, anything by Patricia McConnell.

  4. Nikole S said :

    Basic commands not only teach helpful skills, they reinforce your role as your dog’s leader. Using treats to lure your dog into the correct position or place, and then to reward her for obeying, is one of the easiest and most dog-friendly methods.


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