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what is a good book to learn to play guitar?

i want to learn guitar so bad….but i can’t read notes

i took 4th grade violin lessons for a year but they only taught us with letters

whats a good book to learn to read notes, tune a guitar and play?

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8 Responses to “what is a good book to learn to play guitar?”

  1. manolo said :

    i’m not sure.

  2. count said :

    The best book to use is the YELLOW PAGES PHONE BOOK and look up GUITAR TEACHERS…

  3. guitarpicker56 said :

    Your best option to learn to play guitar, learn basic music theory, and play by notation is by getting Hal Leonard’s Beginner Guitar Method Book One at your local music store. It costs about $6.50, and with a CD, about $7.50.

    Also, pick up a chord book that lists at least 2,500 chords and their accompanying music notation written chords.

  4. KrudKutter said :

    Forget books – go online and you’ll find everything you need for free or cheap. YouTube has thousands of good beginner tutorials, there are online tuners, metronomes, chord charts you can print out – everything you need.

  5. Rod B said :

    The Complete guitar Player by Ralph Denyer. It is comprehensive and informative.

  6. whenpigsfly said :
  7. Critical Acclaim said :

    My old guitar teacher with years of experience has a small library of guitar method books, but the one he uses to teach is students is Mel Bay’s Modern Guitar Method Grade 1. With the help of my teacher I got through the whole book, which teaches you how to PLAY & READ all the notes in the first position, as well as a lot of tunes. You can find it here

    However, you will also want someone to teach it to you, that way your mistakes can be corrected early on and not when you’ve learned into it (think typing with 1 finger)

    It took me about 7 months to get through it by the way, I wish you good luck with your endeavors!

  8. joey said :

    seriously like the other guy said…watch youtube videos and stuff i started self teaching myself like a year ago and youtube helped A i consider myself pretty good at guitar


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