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Do those green tea vitamins sold on tv really work?

I’m talking about the green tea vitamins that burn belly fat. Does anyone know if there are any side effects?

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6 Responses to “Do those green tea vitamins sold on tv really work?”

  1. Knux_88 said :

    Studies show that green tea as natural slimming properties, so yeah…

    Green tea in a pill basically.

  2. girly said :

    go for real green tea. it really works, the chinese have used it for thousands of years. it has antioxidents and health benefits, and you won’t have to wonder what exactly is in that little pill. besides it’s tasty. try putting a little lemon in it and drinking it cold. And oh yes, it is conveniently available at walmart or any other super market.

  3. freshman said :

    Does not work at all!

  4. snake said :

    green tea is suppose to be good for you we drink it, hasnt killed us yet.

  5. Jesse B said :

    Okay, the reality is there is no substance that burns belly fat. Fat is taken off all over the body, not in spots. Your body is genetically predisposed to put on and take off body fat in whatever way your genes are coded. Green tea is known to increase metabolism.. however don’t get too excited about it because it still takes eating a healthy diet and excercise to lose weight and stay healthy. Green tea would have a compound effect over time, meaning it may help boost your weight loss by increasing metabolism by 1/40 of a pound a day, which would add an additional pound of weight loss to your goal every 40 days.. that is just an example, not specifics.

  6. mywaterisland said :

    Word about this tea, with its powerful antioxidants, potential cancer fighting properties, and its possible cholesterol-reducing action, is getting around.

    We love, and try to consume, green tea every day. When we can’t drink green tea, we take it in capsule form. Green tea is one of the most potent antioxidants available, and because of that, is very beneficial to our well-being


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