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Do patches really work when giving up smoking?

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4 Responses to “Do patches really work when giving up smoking?”

  1. Mel said :

    Chantix is the quit smoking aid. Its a pill that blocks the nicotine recepters in your brain. Supposed to work great. Good luck!

  2. Richard S said :

    I spent years trying patches, gum etc. Nicotine replacement did nothing for me at all. Chantix (or Champix, as it’s marketed here in the UK) genuinely is as good as the hype. After a week of taking the drug (it’s typically a twelve week course) I didn’t want to smoke at all – even the thought of it made me feel ill.

  3. maleficent said :

    I quit smoking using the lozenge. I used it for a long time ( about twice as long as they say), but I am done with it. My grandma tried the patch cuz she is diabetic and the lozenge has too much sugar for her and she hasn’t been able to quit yet. Of Course, she has been smoking for alot longer than me. I smoked for 21yrs. Good Luck!! 🙂

  4. Donna Marie S said :

    I gave up smoking with the help of some goofy friends at work. They gave me a bag of rubber bands to put on my wrist and when I felt the urge to smoke, I snapped the rubber band and the urge went away. No drugs….I stopped…..No smoking since 1979!


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