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Does anyone have good tips to give up smoking?

I;m 9 weeks pregnant and really want to give up this habit i know it’s no good for me or the baby, my partner smokes too and we both would love to give up before this baby is born, in ny first pregnancy i went off smoking altogether the smell made me sick, but this time i feel i’m smoking more and i seriously want to give up but don’t know how, i have tried chewing gum and rang smokeline but it hasn’t helped, can anyone help please?

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8 Responses to “Does anyone have good tips to give up smoking?”

  1. tina_kel said :

    Top Tips For Giving Up Smoking
    Top Tips for Giving Up Smoking. Always wanted to quit smoking, then here’s your big chance! Follow the guidelines of Videojug, and you’ll soon be smoke-free. give up smoking in no time!

    Before you actually stop smoking, think positively about the benefits, for you, your friends and family.
    90% of smokers say they want to stop for the sake of their health.
    And for men smoking can be a cause for becoming impotent.
    The senses of taste and smell are dulled by smoking .
    And it has long been acknowledged that non smokers live longer, healthier lives than smokers.
    Most people choose to give up for health reasons: it’s hard to be fit when you get out of breath or have a persistent cough. As more and more people are giving up, you may well find that more of your friends are non-smokers than smokers.

    Throw away or destroy all cigarettes and any other smoking paraphernalia.
    If you really want to kick the habit, you’ve already overcome the first hurdle.
    Even if you have some cigarettes left, seize the moment and throw them away. You will feel stronger in your resolve when you do this.

    There’s a lot of support available for people wanting to
    quit smoking and the first step could be to see your doctor.
    You can also find lot of support on the internet and some of the organizations dedicated to helping smokers kick the habit are:
    ASH, a public health charity;
    and QUIT, an independent charity.
    In the United States there is Quit Smoking
    and an Australian site is Quit Now.
    Smoking help lines and email motivational support are also available on these sites.
    Here are some of the many websites available:
    The NHS helpline number is 0800 169 0 169

    To help you fully understand your smoking habit and addiction keep a smoking diary or log.
    Write down the times and places when you smoke and what you are doing, who you are with.
    This will be vital information as you give up smoking, helping you to avoid those moments when you know you will want a cigarette.

    NRT helps with nicotine withdrawal and is available in the form of patches, lozenges, chewing gum, nasal spray and inhalers.
    Figures show that it roughly doubles your chance of success. Taking a small amount of nicotine allows you to reduce your dependence whilst taking the edge off your desire for a cigarette.

    Zyban is a new prescription drug. It takes away the buzz of smoking and many smokers stop within two weeks of taking it.
    Currently, Zyban is available only on prescription, so you will need to visit your doctor in order to find out about this.

    If you don’t mind needles, why not try acupuncture? It really isn’t painful and some smokers have found it very valuable in the fight to give up.
    Acupuncture has been used successfully in China for thousands of years.
    Although you may feel nervous about acupuncture, it really doesn’t hurt.
    Acupuncture patients report a drop in their desire to smoke.
    Its use is growing within the NHS and it is a safe treatment if carried out by a trained practitioner.

    Many ex-smokers have used hypnotherapy to help them quit.
    Hypnotherapy bypasses the conscious, busy mind to plant suggestions in your unconscious to support you in giving up.

    Only you can decide which method is the best for you. You may like to try a variety to see which you prefer. There is no one right way. What matters is to use whatever works best for you.

    When you decide to give up, it can be very helpful to start thinking of yourself as a non-smoker, so that you have a positive frame for your efforts, and feel that you are becoming something new, rather than giving up something that you used to have.
    It can be useful to feel that you want to give up, rather than feeling that you ought to give up.

    Don’t sabotage yourself by falling for any of the common myths that smokers tell themselves, such as …
    Smoking really doesn’t calm you down: it sets up a cycle of anxious desire which is satisfied only briefly by having a cigarette, before it starts up again. When you give up, think how much more satisfying it will be to get off this treadmill altogether.THE DAMAGE TO MY HEALTH IS ALREADY DONE.
    Sometimes people think that they have already damaged their health, but in fact the body begins to recover from smoking immediately: you breath more easily; your risk of serious disease begins to fall; your circulation improves.ITS NOT THE RIGHT TIME TO GIVE UP
    You can always find a reason not to give up today, so don’t let any of those put you off: you have to let yourself know that now is the right time for you and say to yourself “right, that’s it, I’m giving up right now”.IT WILL RUIN MY SOCIAL LIFE
    More people don’t smoke than do smoke, so join the majority.I’LL PUT ON WEIGHT
    Although you may gain weight in the short term, it’s only temporary, and you will be able to lose it again. Anyway, it’s worth gaining a little weight for the rewards to your long-term health when you give up smoking.
    It’s good to ask your friends and family for support. Let them know what you’re doing and how they can help you. They’re likely to be pleased that you’re giving up, and will do what they can to help.

    Find things to do that make smoking difficult, like cycling, washing the car, doing an exercise class, going to places where nobody smokes. You will find that keeping active takes your mind off smoking.

    It may seem hard, but try and stay away from alcohol, coffee, sugar and other stimulants at least for the first week, maybe or longer. They lower inhibitions and throw your willpower off balance – and they tend to be associated with smoking and relaxing.

    Don’t underestimate how tough it is trying to give up. Recognise that and get professional help and support.
    If you do smoke, just see it as a natural part of the process of giving up, and try not to have another one.
    Don’t beat yourself up if you slip up and have a cigarette. Just don’t get it out of proportion, or use it as an excuse to start full-time again. Let it go and just carry on with your new life as a non-smoker. Take each day as it comes.

    Find something else to do with your hands and mouth to replace the habitual activity of smoking.
    Reach for something else rather than a cigarette. Chew gum or eat vegetable sticks, and drink lots of water.
    Learn to do things differently to support your motivation
    towards a new life.

    At least to begin with, you may find it easier to avoid the people, places and activities that you associate with smoking.
    Some people find it helpful to avoid the pub for a while, and you’ll find resisting temptation is simpler if you keep it at arms length, so don’t go to the smoking room at work, for example.

    Many smokers have teeth that are yellowed by nicotine. You may like to visit a dental hygienist to have your teeth cleaned and enjoy a whiter smile than you are used to seeing in the mirror.

    Many people report that deep breathing is a useful technique for reducing cravings. Focusing on your breath as you take a slow in-breath, pause, and let the air out of your lungs slowly, will clear and calm your mind.
    Exercising also makes you breathe deeply, refreshing the body and relaxing the mind.

    Step 20: REWARD YOURSELF !
    Put aside the money you used to spend on cigarettes and use it to reward yourself. You may be surprised to find out how much you save, and you deserve a reward for all the effort you’ve put in.
    good luck

  2. Canamin said :

    My first suggestion is speak with your doctor. Second suggestion is maybe join a online support group to help you stop smoking. There are several websites that offer suggestions and even hotlines. For example:
    Good luck and stick with it!

  3. Jeffrey B said :

    Im a smoker and I’ve quit at least 8 times for as long as 3 years!! So i know what I’m talking about!! When i first quit it was cold turkey. The 2nd time i quit, i cut down to 5 ciggs a day!! then i felt comfortable to quit altogether which i did for 2 years. Like i said i started and quit about 8 times. The best way i knew how was to cut down and gradually reduce cravings. Trust me when you can get down(its not impossible either) To 5 ciggs a day its not difficult to stop!! When i went cold turkey, it was very hard to do!! But tapering off for me was the “golden key”!!! Good luck!!!

  4. JustChristi said :

    I hear Wellbutrin (the prescription drug) works wonders but I’ve never been a smoker so I only know from my brother’s experience. Good luck!

  5. Heath's Wife said :

    Ask your doctor about the pill called “Chantix”. See if it is safe to take with the baby first. It really works my mom has been soking 20 years and she took it and quit in a few weeks.

  6. missgelfling said :

    I’m having the same problem – I quit smoking the day I found out I was pregnant with my first child but I have been unable to stop with this one. I cannot stand seeing pregnant women smoking and I am not enjoying smoking, but I cannot stop. I have cut down to 5 a day which my midwife said is really good seeing as though I smoked 20 a day before – but I want to cut the last 5 cigarettes out altogether.
    I’m 17 weeks which is frightening – because it is my responsibility to make this baby healthy and not feed it toxins. Have you tried nicotine patches because I know they still realise nicotine, but they don’t put any other of the toxins in your body that a cigarette does.
    Be strong and remember why you are quitting. It does get easier, as I said, I’m still smoking around 5 a day but I am reducing the amount every time and I cannot wait to say that I’m a non-smoker.
    Good luck and I wish you all the best. Its very difficult but you sound like you haev the willpower to do it.

  7. ak said :

    I was a smoker before i found out i was pregnant…i thought as soon as i found out that i would want to give up but i didnt, i didnt feel pregnant and i still wanted to smoke…however, i felt to guilty smoking every cig when i found out… so i knew i had to give up…i didnt use anything at all, just willpower…my partner smoked and he gave up when he seen me doing it…his brother lives with us and he smokes but i told him to go outside.

    In the beginning it was the hardest thing i have ever had to do…i resented everyone that smoked especially my bf brother and i was so angry for a couple of weeks…but after 3 weeks I was a total non smoker…i felt disgusted that i ever smoked and smelled like that!!!

    The hardest part was finding something else to do after meals and in the evening…and for a month or two i still felt like there was something missing but the craving wasnt strong enough that I needed to smoke a cigarette.

    I tried to give up before, so many times, but could never do it…so i thought to myself, if i cant give up for the sake of my baby i will never give up…and i didnt want to be one of those mothers with the big bump and puffing away on a cigarette or while there young one was near them…I just dont agree with it… I know it is tough to stop…but come on its not the end of the world everytime you think about lighting up…think about what it is doing to you baby….if this really cant deter you then i cant see how anything will….your baby should be your biggest priority (and i can see that it is cos you want to give up)…and this should be enough for you to make the committment to stop completly forever.

    This your chance to show the wrld that you are putting your baby first….please dont think i am preaching…I just want people to understand that its not as difficult as you think…this stop smoking remedies are just wasting your money…this ake you think it is more difficult than it really is….that said it is nt going to be a walk in the park…you will need willpower, and understanding partner and most of all you just need to think about your unorn baby

    good Luck you can do it xxx

  8. Natasha NSC said :

    Try Alan Carr easy way to stop smoking. I know it works because it helped me. I’ve stopped 3 years ago after 12 years of chain smoking and never looked back


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