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Tips on giving up smoking for good?

so i need some tips on giving up! i’m not a heavy smoker i can go for days without a ciggarette but i can smoke 20 + fags in a night at the pub…anyone else in this sort of situation with smoking? I just need tips on how to stop when everyone else is having one and you really want one!

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4 Responses to “Tips on giving up smoking for good?”

  1. said :

    Try using an elastic. Keep an elastic around your wrist and play with it/snap it when you have a craving. This however does not satiae your oral fixation. Snack on mints and gum. Stay away from candy though because that will add on calories fast. keep yourself occupied and don’t let yourself crave them because your bored.

  2. imma star! said :

    I stopped cold turkey and that was only because my 7 year old had a class about what they do to you she came home crying and ask me and her dad, well begged us to stop smoking we told her let us finish out last pack and we’ll give it a try, I think they only way I stopped so easily because I saw the pain in my baby eyes and I would never put a smoke befor my child , so my advise to you is pray about it and think of all the negative things smoking do to your body,lol thats what I did and it worked, thank god!
    and just think if you can go a 1 day with out 1 you can go 2 more and so on
    good luck, I’ll pray for you too!

  3. Suzanne said :

    go with chantix, me and my friend did it and we were done in 2 weeks, its expensive but so is smoking. i smoked 17 years and am off of it now for over a year now. the cost of it 300.00 but its for 3 months which believe me yu will not need all of it. good luck!

  4. shutuppauface said :

    Chantix is poison, stay away from it. The potential side effects are even more harmful than smoking.
    If you go cold turkey, increase your activity, SWEAT (in saunas or workouts) to detox quicker, and drink tons of water. Keep healthy foods around to munch for the oral fixation aspect.
    If you do nicotine replacement, follow the instructions closely.
    Enlist friends to support you, and buy a book called The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. It’s very insightful.

    Good luck!


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