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How can I become a chocolate specialist ?

If you are a chocoholic, you can entice and make your taste buds more keen when it comes to chocolate. The only thing you’ll need to accomplish this is of course, chocolate. To broaden your taste, try wide ranges of brands of international chocolate. Make sure to get chocolates with different amount of cacao. After gathering different chocolate types and brands, store them in a dry place with room temperature. High temperatures and condensation can cause a powdery and pale coating in the chocolate that affects its taste.

Next is learning how to taste chocolate just like tasting wine. It is an art of multi-sensory, so prepare to engage all senses. You can start by comparing five to seven kinds of chocolate at a time. Begin with the chocolate that has the most cacao percentage and work your way to the lowest.

Check the chocolate; see the qualities like textures, appearance and blemishes. A well-tempered kind does not have any waxy appearance or blemishes and has fine sheen with no pits. Pick your first piece of chocolate and feel the texture. Be aware that good chocolate should hold its shape, smooth and firm; it should not easily melt or get greasy and sticky.

Next, try breaking the chocolate in half; it should create a snap sound and if there is no bending and crumbling, you have a fine quality chocolate. Analyze the chocolates aroma and unique fragrance. Check if you can smell fruity, nutty or floral essence, you might also detect notes of spices or vanilla.

Now, do it like a professional, put a piece of chocolate in your tongue, do not chew, just let it melt and swirl the melted one in your mouth until it covers your entire tongue. Try to examine if you notice subtle flavors, texture and the chocolate’s flavor. There are chocolates that influenced by their surrounding soil, climate and other aspects.

Lastly, test the chocolates’ length; this refers to the taste a chocolate leaves in your mouth. Low quality chocolates leave bitter after taste. Quality chocolates have pleasant taste left in your mouth after you eat even a small amount. Jot down all your observations after every piece you try. Make sure to clear your taste with water or a piece of plain bread.

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