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How can I chop onions without crying ?

Everyone experiences tearing up when chopping onions. This is because the onions’ bulb root has sulfur that triggers you to tear. When the bulb root is cut, sulfur gases spread and looks for water, and the nearest water source they find is your eyes tissue. If you want to avoid tearing up when you are chopping onions, just follow these steps.

First, prepare a sharp knife and a chopping board. Cut the onions’ cone located on the bottom. This part is the one that have the glands the triggers you to tear up. Put the unpeeled onion in your freezer about ten minutes. Remember to keep your knife sharp because this prevents the glands to be crushed and release more sulfur in the air.

To avoid the tears, keep a piece of bread between your teeth or a wooden spoon while you are cutting onions. Now, try it by peeling and dicing onions near the sink while the water is running. The onions sulfur gases will touch the water and turns to acid. This process washes the acid before it washes your eyes.

Another effective method in preventing teary eyes can be used when boiling water. Take the pot to where you want to peel your onions. Place the pot behind your chopping board far enough for you to comfortably chop the onions. The water vapor from the pot will catch the sulfur gas before it touches your eyes and prevent you from tearing up. Breathing through your mouth will also help decrease tearing up. Burning a candle while chopping onions can also aid your eyes from tearing and irritation.

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