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How does a coffee percolator work ?

For almost 200 years, coffee percolators have been in existence. The technology in making a pot coffee the percolator very quickly spreads and still being used nowadays. Coffee pots are usually a fixture in most frontier homes, and even if the first coffee pot is not percolator, the following certainly were.  A percolator is a simple device with just a few parts and requires a heat source.

The size and portability of the device makes it ideal for people packing their belongings in a cargo truck having very little space. The coffee percolator also has an edge on the old coffee pots for it keeps the grains in the basket while its counterpart has the grains at the bottom of the pot. Another form of coffee pot became popular. The vacuum pot goes head to head to the coffee percolator when it comes to popularity, however, the vacuum pot’s popularity decreases for percolators are very much cheaper and more portable.

How the coffee percolators works is just a matter of simple physics. The percolator contains basket connected to a hollow stern. The coffee grounds are located into the basket, which connected to the stern fitted into the bottom of the pot. Then, water is poured towards the pot. The water in a coffee percolator is heater almost up to the boiling point causing it to bubble, reaching the stern and drips down into the coffee grounds through the holes and back into the pot.

In this period of fresh-ground, gourmet coffee, french press and coffee percolators have fallen in respect. The resulting brew is so strong due to the continuous dripping of the water. There are electric-powered stainless-steel percolators manufactured; however, the portable ones are still more popular, especially for campers. Percolators are available in almost every store or online and normally cost around 30 to 80 USD.

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