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How can I make a roasted herbal coffee substitute ?

Coffee is known to be good for the body as long as it is taken within acceptable amounts, but if the coffee intake is too much, it also has its disadvantages. Too much coffee can affect the adrenal glands and the liver. If you can’t resist the roasted taste, yet the health effect concerns you, there are alternatives that you can consider. Roasted herb blend is one of these alternatives.

It is very easy to make a roasted herb coffee alternative; you can use dandelion root, roasted barley and chicory root as your ingredients. Also, get a clean and airtight container for storage. Dandelions and chicory roots can be harvested yourself. These kinds of roots grows on common lawns, make sure not to use roots from your lawn if you are using chemicals or if the plant is near the streets.

The best time to pick your roots is in the fall, when all the nutrients is back on the ground soil and the roots are at its peak of nutrition and flavor. Make sure to get the right plant when you pick them. Wash and rinse the plant and let it thoroughly dry by hanging it in the ceiling with twine or laying them on a paper towel. Once dried, chop the dried roots into small pieces and lay them on a baking dish. Roast under the lowest temperature until toasted and browned. Remember not to burn your roots.

You can make blend by mixing equal proportion of your ingredients and keep it in an airtight container, keeping it from light and heat. You can put it in a grinder if you prefer your roots brewed like coffee. One teaspoon would be enough for every cup. If you like to serve it as tea, you can use one teaspoon of ungrounded mixture for every cup of hot water.

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