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Have given up coffee alcohol and smoking and i look/feel terrible…why?

I gave up smoking 3 weeks ago, I have given up drinking alcohol apart from socially at the weekend, and I have stopped drinking coffee unless i’m out so not very often,

I’m on week 3 feel so tired ! everyone keeps saying how tired I look, i sleep really well but am absolutely exhausted!

Why do i feel so much worse for giving up the bad things???!

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3 Responses to “Have given up coffee alcohol and smoking and i look/feel terrible…why?”

  1. Johnny D said :

    Your body craves these now, so it makes you feel bad to get them. It’s called withdrawal. Talk to your doctor, and maybe he can hekp you.

  2. eric b said :

    Your body’s going threw withdraw.Give it a couple of more weeks.Try taking a multivitamin for energy.

  3. Momma said :

    Good for you for giving up the bad things!! You didn’t say how often or how much quantity you used to use before you quit. So, probably your body is still going through withdrawals. Try a multi-vitamin and also start an exercise routine. Good luck & keep up the good work!


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