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How do I prepare salmon skin ?

Salmon skin is actually edible, though it may not be terribly exciting; depending on the preparation of the salmon. The salmon’s scales are not edible, so if you are planning to eat salmon skin you are preparing. Remember to scale it thoroughly for it can cut your mouth.
Many cooking procedures for salmon make moist, flavorful fish and rather dull skin. Like the poultry skin, salmon skin tastes best when cooked to be light and crispy, rendering out the fat underneath and producing a crunchy, tasty food. In several regions of the world, salmon skin is actually eaten on its own, as a crispy snack and some sushi restaurants will create salmon skin rolls if the delicacy is available.

Grilled salmon skin is frequently quite flavorful and tasty, because the grilling crisps the skin. It is also possible to create broiled salmon with skin that tastes good, although the skin of poached, roasted, and steamed salmon tends to be rather rubbery and flaccid. Leaving the skin on during the cooking process will ensure that the salmon stays tender and moist by providing a layer of insulation between the heat of the cooking medium and the flesh.

When you buy salmon with its skin on and you are planning to eat the skin, check the skin carefully to ensure that the scales are removed. Although most fish sent to the market is scaled, it is always possible to miss a few scales, especially when fish is being harvested on a large scale. You can run a fish-scaler over the salmon to remove any errant scales, or you can use a knife; remember to scale over a garbage can or in the yard, as scales can clog a sink or drain.

To make more flavorful salmon skin, marinate salmon overnight to guarantee that the skin and flesh take in the flavor of the marinade. You may also want to baste the salmon skin as it grills, encouraging it to crisp up while the fish cooks. If you are baking or broiling the salmon, place the salmon on a rack for cooking to help assist of liquids and fats so that the skin becomes crisp without any soggy, soft spots.

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