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is there a certain white wine used in chicken and fish recipes?

when cooking fish or chicken recipes I know you use white wine is there a certain kind that you use or any white wine will do?

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5 Responses to “is there a certain white wine used in chicken and fish recipes?”

  1. dlp said:

    i would go with the drier white wines. but really it’s just a matter of personal taste. some dishes might call for a sweeter wine. most bottle of wines will tell you right on the bottle if they are dry or sweet.

  2. twobluecrows said:

    Any light White wine you would drink is fine to cook chicken or fish with. I make Chicken Tarragon with a Chenin Blanc

  3. Vanessa said:

    I use white and red wines to cook with often, I would personally recommend using a table wine or a pinot grigio. If you try and cook with a red I would deff. say a chianti. Good Luck.

  4. Lisa H said:

    i was watching an episode of America’s Test Kitchen and they tested out a variety of white wines from sauvignon blanc to vermouth and they found that the best tasting white wine was Sauvignon Blanc number 1 and vermouth number 2.

    Because cooking wine/alcohol concentrates the flavor of the alcohol, you want to start with as clean of a flavor as possible. Chardonnay test to taste very bitter due to the oak aging. Riesling and Gewurztraminer are too sweet and turn almost syrup like. Sauv Blanc and even probably pinot grigio flavors are very nice and balanced with minimal oak. Which concentrate very well for cooking.

  5. riclar said:

    Hey Gayle;

    I used to use a fairly cheap chardonnay, once you cook it the alchol burns off and the chardionnay grape leave a nice mellow flavour. You don’t need to spend alot on a bottle of white. JUst keep it for cooking not drinking!


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