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How do you keep food from getting wet in cooler?

I am going camping this weekend and i am looking for some good ways to keep the food from getting wet in coolers. I always feel that by the end of the weekend the ice is melting and containers are floating everywhere and its just pretty gross.

Any tips on how to pack foods for camping? Thanks!

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8 Responses to “How do you keep food from getting wet in cooler?”

  1. MikeL said :

    use a chest with a drain.
    Check out good camping EQ

  2. luckyone_27105 said :

    First thing is to drain the water out of the cooler when needed. Try putting the food or the ice or both in plastic bags. You can also get a gallon jug and fill it with water or buy a gal of water at the store and freeze it. The big jug will stay frozen a lot longer than a bag of ice too.

  3. leah j said :

    Insted of using ice, try using ice packs, the kind people put in there luch boxes, just make sure its frozen, and you will have to add about 5-6 of these, or just freeze some plastic bottles(several small ones and stick them in and around your food, no mess!

  4. Mel H said :

    why is the ice melting? is this when you’ve taken it out of the freezer or while its in the freezer? if its melting while in the freezer maybe you have the temp too low. also what kind of containers are they? try buying some containers that are designed for storing foods in freezers, this is better that just using old take away containers or anything els you can find.

    and as for packing foods for camping…well i suggest bringing foods that dont take up a lot of space and if you can try and pack them in a separate bag from the rest of your things such as clothes just in case. put all the hard/heavy things at the bottom of the bag and place all the soft foods in a container and keep them at the top.

    have fun camping!

  5. Evangelist A Smith said :

    use glad press and seal it really works.

  6. lots_of_laughs said :

    Ziploc bag your food or ziplock your ice.
    If you have very large containers, there are 2 gallon size ziploc bags… which are pretty big.

  7. SuMmEr said :

    I fill a few gallon zip lock bags with ice.

  8. jay m said :

    ziploc believe that will get you there


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