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How do you keep food warm at a party without using a chafing dish?

I’m having a party for my little boy and need ideas on keeping food warm. I will have some things in a chafing dish but I do not have enough to hold all the foods. Also I plan to put the hotdogs in boats made of cardstock with a pirate sail on a toothpick so I do not think I can keep it cute and warm too. It’s a pirate birthday party.

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3 Responses to “How do you keep food warm at a party without using a chafing dish?”

  1. eastmanjg said :

    Have you thought about using a cloth bag filled with rice, heated in the microwave and put in a cooler with the hot food? This would keep the food hot for quite a while. Never tried it but I think it might work.

  2. gracefull said :

    Foods can be prepared using crockpots.

  3. Kimberly said :

    Ahoy Mate…how about wrapping the boats in tin foil.
    Bundle the tin foil on each one leaving room for a tie,
    but instead of a bow or tie use a pirate patch.
    When have them eat the warm hot dog
    boat with one eye like a pirate, they will get a kick out of it.

    However, judging from “my little boy” I really do
    not think they care if it is hot or not, kids will eat
    cold pizza, hot dogs, even soup.
    In your case it will too much fun eating it to care
    if it is hot and besides pirates do not have ovens!

    Don’t forget to make the chairs look like boat seats,
    of course after singing happy birthday to the birthday
    boy, mate over board!

    If this does not help try contacting the site below they
    have a free Party Planning Consultant on line and tons
    of party ideas on the party tab.

    Enjoy them, they are 20 years before you know it and with
    boys you have to call them and remind them they have a


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