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How is food or the cooking industry related to math?

How do the two worlds come together? Is there any aspect of math in the food world aside from converting measurements?

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10 Responses to “How is food or the cooking industry related to math?”

  1. Sahara said :

    cost of ingredients from different suppliers. Math is everywhere.

  2. LO said :

    Maybe just the cook time…but other then measurements what else would there be mathematically? There might be some aspects of chemistry or biology in there though! Interesting question!

  3. edward I said :

    Look at any label on cans. Percentages, percentages. For ingredients and food values.

  4. Jonny B said :

    Ratios, accounting, percentages, arithmetic, algebra, …that is just to name a few.

  5. Mike L said :

    you seem to know..
    How do you think they know what chemicals make up the food ,, vitamins,, calories,, ???

  6. Sandie B said :

    Aside from increasing or decreasing measurement for recipes, the business ends deals with the cost of supplies, wages, charges, etc… just like any other company making money for profit.

  7. Cheripie said :

    The money for one. Gotta know how to count if you sell anything and that’s math first class at it’s best.;-)

  8. ghost said :

    Business math and accounting when it comes to budgeting a restaurant.

  9. netnet said :

    umm i have magnet on my fridge that converts the measurements for me 😛

  10. raven blackwing said :

    Cost control, inventory, Portion control, time allotment , keeping up with employee hours ,all go into the food industry. A restaurant is one big math problem. I was in the restaurant business for years, over 30 of them. I managed more than one.


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