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Will food go bad if refrigerated in my cooking pot?

I remember my mother saying I couldnt leave food in a can and refrigerate it?

What about a teflon pot? I think its teflon anyway.

Can someone tell me materials that cannot be refrigerated?
Just a day or two.

And btw, I will be thrilled when school starts again. It must be nice to have nothing else to do besides hang around here and be an idiot all evening.

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17 Responses to “Will food go bad if refrigerated in my cooking pot?”

  1. Ultraviolet Oasis said :

    Not as bad as food cooked in a refrigerator.

  2. Sam G said :

    my mom said i cAN crap but i can’t

  3. gamer said :

    if you leave it long there

  4. SHANICA M said :

    I do it ll the time, its fine

  5. Eric S said :

    Depends how long you are keeping it in the fridge.

  6. stargirl said :

    It depends how long it is in there. A few days will be fine.

  7. M McCoy said :

    it depends on how long you leave it in there. If you are planning on eating it tomorrow or the next day, it should be fine. But by the weekend, I wouldn’t trust it.
    If you put it in there, make sure it’s completely covered, no matter if you use a can, pot, tupperware, etc.

    As far as materials, I don’t know of anything that can’t be refrigerated.

  8. Smylee said :

    I’m not really sure but I would say your best bet would be to store the food in a sealable container to maintain freshness and better taste.

  9. James G said :

    food is good if it is refrigerated at the right tmperature no matter what you keep it in. because the metal or glass or whatever kind of cooking pot you use is going to get cold in the refrigerator just as alluminum foil would. so yes it will keep your food refrigerated and safe to eat.

  10. Hi-Tech370506 said :

    It depends how long you have put the food. Other food can’t be cooked because it was out for a long time.

  11. zingbartwo said :

    its fine.. it can just start to taste weird if its left uncovered. . even cans are fine, really. i think that came from the fact that cans used to be made of tin and the tin would leach into the food…but i dont think theyre made of tin anymore.

  12. bogaloobaby said :

    Yes but not for as long as if the foo was in a tupperware.

  13. Jay J said :

    You can refrigerate in a can, Teflon pan, almost any type of container which would allow temperature to penetrate it. If it isn’t covered properly to keep the contents from being exposed unduly to the outside air, then you shouldn’t store it in that container for any prolonged period in your refrigerator. Also, any heated food should be cooled down before covering and placing in your fridge.

  14. Gina said :

    I do it, but only for a day or two.

  15. pico t said :

    It won’t go bad.

    You can also put an opened can in the fridge. If it’s not bad already it will keep ok. Refrigerate soon after opening; don’t leave open cans or cooked food in a pot sitting at room temperature for a long time (more than about 1 hour).

  16. mindshift said :

    You can save food in the pot you cooked it in if you have a tight fitting lid. You can make sure there is no air exchange by covering the opening with a piece of plastic wrap, or aluminum foil, then place the lid over that. Exposure to air inside your refrigerator may dry out the food.

    Some cans are coated on the inside, and these may be OK to leave food in temporarily. However, you should properly cover them also. Regular, uncoated cans may begin to oxidize when opened, which could cause a change in the food’s taste. Why not buy some small plastic storage containers. They are inexpensive, and can be found in any supermarket.

  17. Kate said :

    Cans used to be made out of “Tin”. those cans you wanted to get the food out as fast as possible, but the cans today in most of the world can be kept in the fridge just like any container. The only thing I don’t keep that way is something with acid like tomatoes or saurkraut (not sure of the spelling).

    You can keep the food in the pot you cooked it in and put it in the fridge. BUT do it with caution…
    1. Make sure you clean the top and inside of the pan of any food.
    2. If you have left it sitting out in the pot for awhile several hours, it would be safe to change the pan.
    3. Also if other people have served themself from the cooking pan, it is wiser to change the pan.

    You can put almost anything in the fridge that is not easy to rust.


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