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How long do you need to freeze ice luminaries?

I found a really cool idea several years ago using 1/2 gallon milk containers to make ice luminaries to decorate with. I have saved several milk containers, but I must have thrown away the clipping that told me how to make them. I don’t want to freeze them too long and not have a hollow place in the center to place a candle. The party is friday night at 7:00. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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One Response to “How long do you need to freeze ice luminaries?”

  1. RED said :

    You use what ever container you like the shape of. It takes about 12 hours of freezing. You can keep checking them..or You can also put another container inside and weight it down with rocks or something, and when you are ready to go, dump the rocks and pull out the inside container and you will have a resession to put your candle. Good luck.


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