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How long do you need to Learn Playing Guitar ?

How long do you think it needs for someone to learn playing Acoustic Guitar , i mean really play some songs and things.

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6 Responses to “How long do you need to Learn Playing Guitar ?”

  1. mark said :

    aat least a year. first do tabs so you can learn technique then study scales

  2. smokey said :

    A few months. I don’t suggest lessons, you learn much faster without them, for me, and you go at your own pace. Find some instructions on the internet on things you don’t know about and you’ll be doing fine within 4 months.

  3. Em said :

    a year 🙂

  4. The Other Josh said :

    It’s different for everybody. I could play some pretty advanced songs after two months, but some of my friends have been playing for years, and they still aren’t as good as I was when I first started. Also, I know some people that have been playing for a shorter time than me, but they are way better.

    It depends on how much you practice. When I started, I practiced for at least an hour a day.

    I recommend buying a book. I got one called, “Teach Yourself Guitar.” It was very well written, and easier to follow than some YouTube videos, however, YouTube has definitely helped me.

  5. Wayne T said :

    Three days for some people; 6 years for others.

  6. theonewhogotaway said :

    a few months my lil bro start lasted December & he has learned to play one full song & parts of others by the help of books & youtube. it will depend on you & your own drive to want to actually play the guitar so best of luck & hope you do not give up there is lots to learn!


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