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How many drinks should I buy for the drinking games tonight?

Which game is the funniest? Which one can you play with there are guys and girls there?

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4 Responses to “How many drinks should I buy for the drinking games tonight?”

  1. Bert said :

    Asshole is fun and interactive. Best played with 5+ people. We usually go through a couple 30 packs of beer.

    Circle of Death (COD) or Kings Cup are also fun.

  2. Aquarius said :

    I don’t know what Bert is talking about because they only sell beer in 6, 18, 24, and keg sizes but I never is a really good one you go around and say like “I never kissed someone” and who ever has has to drink. Or Beer Pong is a good classic set up the beer and try to make it in the cup

  3. nahm17 said :

    Actually they do sell beer in 30 packs… Keystone comes in 30 packs..

    Beerpong is fun,,, Thumper is really fun, but you have to be drunk before playing or it is boring.

  4. I love my donkey said :

    A shopping cart full of drinks. Any game is fun when you are drinking!


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