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How many cups of green tea should we drink per day in order to increase the speed of our metabolism?

I try to exercise everyday in order to increase my metabolism, and I recently read that drinking green tea may be beneficial for my metabolism too. The problem is that I try to consume as little caffeine as possible, as it gives me acne. I don’t have access to caffeine free green tea for the moment (because I am abroad and I couldnt find it nor get information). Still, I wonder if 1 cup per day would be enough, or if the more I drink, the best. ?

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5 Responses to “How many cups of green tea should we drink per day in order to increase the speed of our metabolism?”

  1. Megan said :

    You should drink at least 3 cups of green tea

  2. Tiktaalik said :

    It makes me sad to see such ignorant people.
    Caffeine doesn’t give you acne. Your diet does not affect the state of your complexion in that way.
    Green tea alone is not going to have any measurable effect on your metabolism. You’re better off working out harder and building muscle; five more pounds of lean muscle mass will increase your metabolism by 250 calories.

  3. Babygirl said :

    Read this and you’ll have all the info you need

    Also the Cabbage Soup Diet is amazing if you follow it and not cheat!!
    here’s the link to that as well>>>

    Drink as many cups as you like, its good for you

  4. TeaHawk said :

    If you can’t have caffeine, then dont’ drink tea for the metabolism boost. The University of Geneva study linked below (wiki) states that the boost comes in large part from caffeine. (A lot of diet pills are just caffeine pills.)

    And while you could get decaf for the other health benefits, you can’t be sure that the chemicals used in decaffeination don’t strip out what causes the other health benefits.

    That said, if you do continue to drink it, know that many of the studies are done in east Asia on people who were already drinking green tea. And custom in China & Japan is to drink tea *as what they drink*, not just one cup a day. It’s not a magic elixir, but it is a lifestyle.

  5. is definitely a said :

    I am a little disappointed that I only just discovered your blog a week ago. But, We have added you to my Google Reader, right next to my own feeds, and between a couple other feeds. Thank you


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