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how much does it cost to obedience train a dog?

i have a german shepherd, hes 2 years old. hes a good boy good temeperament and is house broken. he knows simple commands such as sit. but when hes playing outside, he wont come to me when i call him. how much would it cost to give him obedience training. i know there are different levels, but i want it to get to the point that if i tell him to lay, hell lay for 5 min without me even being in the room.

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12 Responses to “how much does it cost to obedience train a dog?”

  1. hellosunshine_hb said :

    I found a GREAT trainer with over 20 years experience, my pup is doing awesome in his class, he charges $180 for 10 weeks, 1 hour a week. For $18 a week, the results are WELL worth my money!

    Ask your vet if they can recommend a good local trainer for you and your GSD!

  2. bubblesarefun123456789 said :

    You shouldnt need obediance training, just work with your dogs daily and results will start to show fast, always carry a treat or two aroung with you though.

  3. flamespeak said :

    I think that they offer them for free at Petsmarts across the US. It won’t be very indepth training mind you, but it will teach your dog the basics.

  4. Misiaczek said :

    It depends where you go, some akc registered classes can be as low as $5 a 45 min session at petsmart for an 8 week class is $100. It would be your best bet to go to the akc website and look for training facilities in your area.

  5. Mr. P's Person said :

    Your vet probably has a list of trainers in your area. That’s where I found mine. I believe I paid around $200 for 10 lessons. That was private lessons with a well experienced trainer with toy dogs (I have Chihuahua’s.)

  6. Rod M said :

    It depends on your location and if you want to do group, individual or home training. Group training goes for 8 weeks and averages $20.00 a class = $160.00 ( usually discounted to $140.00 if paid in full up front ) Individual and home training can go much higher in the range of $1000.00 or greater depending on again your location and the intensity of the training you are seeking as well as the challenge to get your dog to the level you are seeking.
    Call around and get an idea of several costs and make a choice which will be comfortable for you financially as well as travel wise. I do recommend you participate in the training yourself as it forms a stronger bond with you and your dog and establishes you as the alfa quicker.
    Good luck

  7. sundaizie ♥ said :

    A good trainer can teach your dog to come…(which makes you feel a lot smarterr when yoyu are at the dog park…) in 2 lessons. Your dog already knows – He’s the dog and you’re the person…he just needs to go one step further.
    If you could train him to come…you would have by now right????
    You AND your dog go to school!! ♥
    p.s. my old english sheep dog Barney sends bigsloppy kisses!! ♥

  8. pugbug said :

    We took our Pugs to PetsMart … it was $109 each for Puppy Education and another $109 each for Intermediate Education and it was worth every penny.

    Good luck

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