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How much does dog obedience classes cost?

How much does dog obedience classes cost?
where is the cheapest place i can go to get good results?
i live in sacramento, CA
i have a 6 month puppy

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10 Responses to “How much does dog obedience classes cost?”

  1. Kathleen said :

    It really will depend upon the requirements of the dog. There are specialized obedience classes for all kinds of dogs from regular old happy puppies, shelter rescues, aggressive dogs, each dog must be evaluated by a trainer first (the evaluation is normally free).

  2. Tammy F said :

    try online dog obidience class

  3. Dogs-are-cool said :

    Hello. Okay, so here is what I suggest.
    I suggest that you go to your local Petsmart.
    There, they will have classes that will teach your pup!

    I hope that this helps. Have a great day!

  4. *Sombra* said :

    I don’t live anywhere near Sacramento, but I paid $125 for each of 2 sets of 6 puppy classes … so $250 for 12 classes.

    These were group classes given by an actual trainer (NOT a PetSmart employee) so I may have paid a little more than the cheapest classes available. Anyway, they were worth every penny.

    For a young pup, group classes are the way to go (they’re called “puppy kindergarten”) and the emphasis is on socialization and fun … but the pup learns a ton and so will YOU!

    Your best bet may be to ask your vet for the name of a trainer he/she recommends … or try a Google or Yellow Pages search for “Dog Trainers Sacramento”.

  5. garyscuddlebunny said :

    It depends on who you go with and where you go. The best trainers are not always the most expensive but I have seen the best of the best train the owners first then help the owners train their dogs.
    Some training you can do on your own. Basic things are the simplist to do! Sit, stay, come, fetch, walk with me rather than pull me like a sled!
    Maybe you can also check at the library and see what books or videos are available and check with the shelter or with your vet to see who they suggest is good or not as good and you should avoid. There is also the BBB (better business bueru).
    Sometimes if you look to a specific breeder they can suggest someone or look at what you desire the dog to be trained as. I mean like a seeing eye dog isn’t trained at the local pet store! Its a speciality trainer that works on specific actions that the dog will need to keep the owner safe.
    I would ask around at the dog park if you see a dog doing what you feel is what you want you dog to do then ask that owner where they had their dog trained. This would be a good way to see what other people think of that trainer and get your feelers out to see who is and what is available! Good luck!

  6. Ieva T said :

    I have two recently adopted German shepherds. They came from different families and regardless of how sweet they were, or how cure they looked , they were both put up for adoption for the same reason. No one wanted to train these dogs. They were rambunctious. They expected them to behave and thy had no idea how to. So, I took them in.

    You see, dog obedience training courses are meant for people. No way can a dog be trained in a few sessions. There they teach the owners the proper ways to handle your dogs, proper techniques that they will have to apply daily, if they want to be successful in efficiently training their dogs. So I didn’t bother to take any classes. Instead I went to the local library, where I picked up a few video tapes. The nice thing is, these people ( the ones in the tapes) are the best. No way to compete with any local trainers. I picked up the Caesar Millan’s complete first season tapes and another series from another guy ( a tape shot in early 90’s). Cost me nothing.
    I learned what I needed to learn and even more. I applied what I learned with my dogs and my boys are making neighbors jealous for their good behavior. It takes just knowledge from you, consistency in your training and the proper techniques.
    But, if you do want to get a trainer, get someone who has training in police K-9 unit. Those people are serious and the dogs they teach quickly sense that.

  7. KatieW said :

    Petco and Petsmart classes cost $100 dollars. That gets you six weeks of classes.

    Don’t go to just the cheapest trainer…you’ll find someone that doesn’t know what they are doing and it will be a waste of your money.

  8. tbone said :

    personaly it depends what kind of dog you have .if you have a big dog or a pitbull or that type of dog as i do. i would not go to petsmart.there classes are cheaper but not intense enough for aggressive dogs .i paid 900 for my pitbull for full training and my dog is very well behaved and listens to get what you pay for put it that way

  9. kdoulos said :

    Petsmart usually costs around 100 to 150 for an 8 wk program.

  10. XlxAnimalLOrDxlx said :

    it dependz on what kind of trainin .if ur dog need serous train in its about 100-200for about 8wk in petsmart.but at other places its free but im sorry i dont no where


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