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How much food will it take to feed 100 people?

I’ve been tasked to provide a meal for 100 people. I’ll need to provide meat, vegetables, salad items, desserts, and drinks. I have no idea how to determine how many people each food item will feed. Meal is to be served in 2 days.

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6 Responses to “How much food will it take to feed 100 people?”

  1. Vera C said :

    Wow — good for you for taking on such a task!

    Here is a website that helps you to determine the amount of food needed based on number of people for a buffet.

  2. Random_chick69 said :

    i would say 1 cup of salad per person
    1/2 cup of pasta salad
    1/4 cup of potato salad
    1/2 cup of veggies
    meat and gravy ……
    i would buy something like 10-12 chickens and a 80kg beef spit

  3. Katie mcc said :

    it’s hard to detirmine that kind of thing. You have to think of all the variables involved, like, how much can these people eat? If for example, there all heavy weight champs there your going to need alot of food! But, if there all old people then you won’t need as much. I think it what you should do is go to a grocery store and buy around 7 vegetable platters and 7 meat platters. You should also buy at least 10 2 liter bottles of drinks.

  4. depp_lover said :

    Wow, big job, very impressive of you !! Im going to post some food quantities that will help to give you an idea of how much you will need. Best of luck!!


    Wieners – 25 lbs.
    Coffee – 3 lbs.

    Hamburger – 30-36 lbs.

    Potatoes – 35 lbs.

    Bread – 10 loaves

    Rolls – 200

    Butter – 3 lbs.

    Ham – 40 lbs.

    Milk – 6 gallons

    Cream – 3 qts.

    Roast – 40 lbs.

    Baked beans – 5 gallons

    Vegetables – 26 lbs.

    Fruit salad – 20 qts.

    Ice Cream – 4 gallons

    Pickles – 2 qts.

    Salad Dressing – 3 qts.

    Lettuce – 20 heads

    Cake – 8

    Cheese – 3 lbs.

    Vegetable Salad – 20 qts.

    Beef – 40 lbs.

    Pies – 18

    Cabbage for slaw – 20 lbs.

    Carrots – 33 lbs.

    Potato Salad – 12 qts.

    Chicken – 40 lbs.

  5. Nana said :

    Work with smaller numbers, for eg, if you have cooked for 10 or 20 people, its a good start to estimate for 100 ppl. Always add 10-15% more just in case.

    I used this personal guide when I was asked to cook beef curry for 30-40ppl, but because its the only dish to go, I estimate the number of cuts per kg and how much for each, then I add a little extra. Turns out almost perfect estimation with a small pot of leftover which was nice. Since then I never find it a problem to cook any amount of food, took into consideration how many types of food

  6. weapon_30 said :

    Figure on 12 oz of meat per person
    1 cup of vegs and salad per person
    3 drinks per person
    2 pieces of dessert per person if you are doing pastries
    If youu are doing a cake, you can get 2 sheets cakes.


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