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How to train my dog to hold a peice of papper in there mouth?

Im attempting to train my dog how to hold things in her mouth like a piec of papper… Any idea? I tried to put the papper on her mouth then give her a treat, then tried putting peanut butter on the papper but she doesnt get it and I do not want to confuse her…

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2 Responses to “How to train my dog to hold a peice of papper in there mouth?”

  1. McSween said :

    Start with a dumbell (the ones they use for dog training) or a nylabone or something like that (though it is best to not use a chew toy because she may want to take it and then you are not really training her to take something she is not interested in on command) first – the paper is too difficult for your dog to handle at first.

    Depending on your dog this one can sometimes take some patience. Have your dog sitting next to you. Say “Dog’s Name Take (or whatever command you plan to use) and place the dumbell into your dog’s mouth. You may need to apply pressure on your dogs left and right cheeks to force the mouth open. Effusive praise and have your dog hold the object for 15 or so seconds (and you may need to put a gentle pressure on the underjaw to force your dog to hold the object in his mouth). Then say “your dog’s name drop” and remove the object from her mouth. More effusive praise. Repeat this 5-10 times a few times a day. As your dog gets it you can increase the lenght of the hold. What you are looking for is your dog opening her mouth to take the object and holding it without trying to drop it until you give her the release command. Once she is firm on this then you gradually begin moving the object away from her mouth starting with maybe only an inch or two away. What you are looking for now is for your dog to reach for the object and take it into her mouth. Move the object farther and farther away as she becomes comfortable with the shorter distances.

    Remember to praise, praise, praise when she does it right and you must ensure that she takes the object when you ask her to take it. The end result should be a dog that you can send across the room (or farther) to take the object and if you want to be creative you can even teach her to take different objects by name (don’t work on this until after she has the basics down). There is a bit of patience involved here but it is not a really difficult skill to teach.

  2. TheGuru said :


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