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In what order should I train my dog? Is there certain steps that you teach them 1st?

I have a four month old puppy that I am starting to train and would like to know is there certain steps that I have to follow to get the best results? What’s the best training method on training dogs?

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11 Responses to “In what order should I train my dog? Is there certain steps that you teach them 1st?”

  1. Texas Rottie said :

    Just keep it fun for you and the dog.

  2. Lynn L said :

    before you start doing the tricks i would work on sit, stay, and come. and of course housetraining.

  3. tentoes said :

    I think the first few things that a pup should be taught are sit, stay, come & leave-it. These will become invaluable as the pup grows.

    We also taught Joe “stop”, because “no” sounds too much like “Joe”. So now, no matter what he’s doing, if we say ‘stop’, he stops. 🙂

  4. Davis said :

    i think you do tricks like sit and roll oveow you heres how u do roll over 1 you get a treet and take it beaide their head and slowly by their back there rool on the bely if a small dog and if a big dog its really tough. also it they jump use a squirt bottle with water

  5. Lyndsey said :

    sit ,stay,leave are a must maybe save your dogs life or that ov someone else tricks are for when pup has learned thease one s .do them everyday and be calm and be consistent and you will have a great dog

  6. mauveme49 said :

    The most important thing in training a dog is consistancy.

  7. Korinne said :

    this is what I used on my dog,

    You tell the dog to sit, you push its hind end down so it is sitting, you give the dog a treat even tho you are the one that made him sit. You do this over and over while repeating sit each time until the dog starts doing it on its own.

    Lay down:
    You tell the dog to lay down, and you push its body down so that it is laying down, you give the dog a treat even tho it was you that made him lay down, do this over and over while repeating lay down each time, pretty soon he will get the idea, and he will be doing it on his own.

    Tell the dog to shake, take his paw in your hand and hold it there for a second or two, give him a treat and do this over and over while repeating shake each time and he will start doing this on his own.

    Roll over:
    Tell the dog to roll over, and use your hand to roll the dog over and give him a treat, do this over and over while repeating roll over and he will start doing it on his own.

    take a treat and hold it over the dogs head where he would have to stand on his hind legs to get it, give him the treat and do this over and over while repeating dance until he gets it.

    Tell the dog “speak” and bark at him (LOL)
    it will work him up to bark on his own, then give him the treat when he does. do this over and over while repeating speak until he gets it.

    Play Dead:
    Make your hand look like a gun using your index finger and your thumb, then make a shooting sound then use your hand to make the dog lay on his side as if he was dead, give him a treat, then do this over and over while repeating play dead, and he will start to get it on his own.

    This is how I trained my dog it worked really well, I hope it does for you too!!! Good Luck

  8. Priscilla said :

    The bases of almost all tricks I would say is sit, stay and down. After they have those down packed all the fancy tricks fall into place. You have to find something your pup truly loves wethers its a treat, toy or bone, It keeps them motivated. My pup likes everything so i switch around the treats, toys and bones every couple times he should be rewarded its great to keep them attentive and they won’t get bored as quick. Keep your sessions short maybe 15 to 20 minutes. And lastly just be patient and don’t show any signs of frustration or anger when they don’t do a trick or command correctly.

  9. New Yorker said :

    Look up the Dog Whisperer. He can address everything you want to know.

  10. WebNut25 said :

    I think the key is to use positive reinforcement. That is when you reward good behavior instead of punishing bad behavior. So whenever your dog does something good you reward them. If they’re doing something bad you distract them into doing something good.

    There are some really useful dog training tips here…

    A lot of people will get mad at their dogs and yell. This is a really bad thing to do. Remember that your dog although intelligent doesn’t really understand a lot of things that you do. When you yell at them they don’t know why you are yelling despite the fact that it may seem obvious to you!

  11. DogHelper said :

    Lots of applause for you wanting to train your dog yourself. This is a wise decision. It creates great bonding between the dog and the owner.

    There are many opinions here about the order of training. However, I recommend that you get professional instruction, so you can train the dog. It is quite simple. There are many great instructional methods, including videos that will give you step by step instruction, so you can train your dog.

    Check these out for video training:

    and also these for books:


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